You’re a senior, bride, wife, or photographer - and you know you need to hire a professional, but you’re secretly just struggling with your own confidence and insecurity - and, spoiler alert: that’s what’s holding you back.

Do you ever just need a new perspective? A mind-shift, if you will - where you actually feel confident and beautiful? That’d be sweet, huh.

Oh, this is good. You’re right where you’re meant to be. (Call it a divine appointment, sista girl.)

Here, lemme ease ya’ mind.

I’m Jessica, and as a senior, bride, wife, and biz owner, I’ve been where you are. (Yep, all of ya!) And if we’re bein’ real here, lemme tell ya the common theme I saw in each of those seasons of my life. 

You guessed it - lack of confidence and insecurity. Yet, from the outside lookin’ in, as a "Miss America Titleholder/Competitive Dancer/3.8 GPA Mass Communications Major hybrid” - it seemed like I had my ducks in a row. After hittin’ my knees and encounterin’ some amazing grace, I realized that confidence isn’t acquired, it’s uncovered. (But that’s another front-porch sittin’ story in itself!) 

I provide grace-filled imagery for adventurous seniors, brides and wives who need to uncover their fierce inner beauty and be equipped with confidence to live a life on mission, in an era of “world” focused women, rather than “Word” focused women.




up in the room like you OWN it.

There ya have it: like a wizard; I’ve turned your insecurity into confidence through some strategic two-steppin’. Don’t worry, you’ll be hotter than a two-dollar pistol by the time I’m through with ya! ‘Cause honey, those boots were made for walkin'...                                                                    

With a background in the Beauty industry (Miss Texas-America Class Of 2014 here,) a BSA in Mass Communications & Marketing, and 24 years of experience followin’ Jesus; I’ve got this whole feelin’/lookin’ spiffy while serving the Kingdom thing on lock-down. Oh, and this ain’t my first rodeo (in case you wondered.) I’ve shot for some pretty killer brands along the way. Windsor, Pacsun, Sabo Skirt, or Lulu’s ring a bell? If they can trust me to deliver, you sure as the settin’ sun can! ;) 

So, point is, I don’t want you to struggle like I did - for as long as I did, with the way you see yourself and the confidence you have within you. Sister, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, with a divine call on your life - and it's my heart’s mission to show it to you.

but feel it, too.

so they not only look gorgeous in their images 

I serve seniors, brides and wives who struggle with insecurity and lack of self-confidence. They want to feel beautiful and see themselves the way God sees them, so they’re ready to take the leap, and trust their photography needs to someone who gets it. They’re in desperate need of someone to primp ‘em, pose ‘em (naturally,) and just straight up keep their sessions from being awkward...

who want to feel beautiful and see themselves the way God sees them

seniors, brides & wives


You’ll find me chillin’ on an island in Japan for the next three years, but I’m originally from below the Mason-Dixon. Most days you can find me dancing around at home, rockin’ the messy bun, oversized t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants from high school. Wanna know me a little more? Keep clickin'! 

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My husband’s straight up my best friend. I’m basically obsessed with him. (I mean, look at that… who wouldn’t be?!) But for real. I love doing life with him, anywhere and everywhere I can. (We’re currently eating all the sushi and jumping in all the waterfalls in Okinawa, Japan!)



Street tacos (preferably tacos al pastor), with an embarrassingly large side of queso and guac. I could eat that meal for the rest of my life and be the merriest of them all. 



Since I was a little girl spendin' summers bouncin' between the shores of Galveston and Hilton Head Island, I’ve had a love for these pretty trees. Something about them just calms my soul.



Something about being in (or even just looking at) the mountains makes me feel alive. How the alpine trees smell so sweet, the crisp cold air that blows through them when the sun sets… it’s simply intoxicating.



There’s nothin' like headin' off into the setting sun with those you love most. To be honest, I’d choose a car over a plane any day. Maybe I’ve got FOMO, but there’s just too much magic to be found along the way… 



There’s very few things I love more than adventuring around the world with this guy. Whether it’s the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, or over here on this tiny Japanese island in the middle of the Pacific, everything’s just better with him and a vehicle that handles the elements. 



If you haven’t caught quite yet that I’ve got some serious wanderlust, now you know. I just can’t stay in the same place for long! To be honest, I’m just not cool with not seeing every nook and cranny of the world before I die. 



Cacti, aloe, desert roses, snake plants, string of pearls, you name it. I’ve got a thing for adding some green to a room. I don’t necessarily have a green thumb per se… but these plants are the hardest to kill, so I’ve got ‘em everywhere in my house! 



Ever since I was little, I’ve found peace just sitting by the ocean, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. I’ve found that you can’t really be stressed in that place... 



These little whirlwinds, Keira (left,) and Koda (right,) have my heart. They’re Siberian Huskies, so conversations fill the household daily! There’s plenty of dog hair, walks, wet kisses, and howls to go around over here. (Oh, and home repairs!) 



Photography is about capturing LIFE in still frames exactly as it is; it’s about capturing life in all its raw and natural glory, and every single image given to us did just that.

Fernanda & Grant

You allowed me to have fun and be myself and have the best time doing something that some seniors can dread.


I looked incredible (thanks to her hair and makeup skills,) and I honestly felt like a model for the first time in my life.  She made me so comfortable!


 Since my session with her my confidence has increased dramatically.


She definitely gave me a confidence boost! My favorite part was just being outside jamming to music with her and my mom while we took fun pictures.


Jessica’s bubbly and energetic personality helped me feel comfortable and made my session such a fun experience.


the roar

Well friend, it's safe to say I was never "destined," to be a photographer. There was never a camera that fell from the heavens and landed in my hands at the age of four in a pixie dust sparkle-explosion.

(Sorry if that’s the story you were lookin’ for.)

I mean, I’ve literally spent the majority of my life in front of the camera, not behind it. As a dancer, pageant girl, and professional "play-dress-up-er," as a child, I was always either bein’ recorded by my mama, or was havin’ professional pictures taken for headshots or dance recitals.



When I was 12 years old, I was getting some headshots taken for my very first pageant I’d be competing in, the Junior Miss Texarkana pageant. My mother had taken me to get my hair highlighted for the first time, and my photographer and her assistant had done my makeup before the shoot.

Since that was the first time I had ever been professionally primped, when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time; I cried.

(Don’t worry, it was good!)



I saw the images come up in real time on the computer, and experienced a feeling I’d never had before. For the first time in my life, I actually felt beautiful. I felt fierce. I felt like I could maybe, possibly, achieve the things I set my mind to. 

That confidence boost changed the directory of my life. But it wasn’t the makeup and the highlights that did it. Not hardly.

And I’ll never forget that feeling.



It was seeing myself the way others see me, the way God sees me, instead of the way I do. 

The photographer & makeup artist didn’t make me more confident by what they put on me, but by what they pulled out of me.

That day, I met my own inner lioness, 

unleash your inner lioness


and she's been roaring ever since.

I knew I liked ya.

Oh, you wanted the front porch-sittin’ story?


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